Mama Bear This Mothers Day

I’d be lying if I said today was easy or that I haven’t been dreading this day for weeks. It was hard. I thought of how far along I would have been now and of the plans we were making. It was hard thinking all day what I had lost, but also trying to remind […]

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Often times, words are a way of healing. Being able to express words on paper, words that aren’t as easy to process in any other way. Last year was a hard year for us, so many ups and downs. Many, many downs. A loss of a job, a last minute move back to my hometown […]

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Blessings Under Disguise.

If I had to honestly sum up the past week in just a couple of words, it would be “really tough.” My friends can agree from my multiple text messages, they agreed our life has been crazy. It just felt like one thing after another kept going wrong. Emotionally we were exhausted, physically our bodies […]

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A Process.

A process to make healthy eating a lifestyle. Over the past few months, my husband and I have taken on the challenge to eat better and work out. We did really well for about two months, but totally failed the working out part. Then the holidays came and of course the Christmas cookies are just […]

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Being Intentional.

Being intentional about prayer. A couple of weeks ago, I was challenged. My husband and I have been going through a series by Francis Chan and his wife, You and Me Forever. This series has not only challenged our marriage but it has challenged me personally in so many ways. Lisa Chan expressed how prayer […]

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Cookies, a random, simple title. Growing up one thing, my brothers and I would do was make cookies for just about every holiday. We’d get dropped off at my Grandparents house for the day and just make cut out cookies. Now these aren’t just any sugar cookie cut outs, these are something special. I have […]

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In Our Family

This will probably be my favorite project that we have worked on. Super special to both of us, as we establish a culture in our home. Before we got married we always talked about the culture we wanted to create in our family and when people would come to our home. Our foundation lays on […]

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Fall is finally here, colder weather, hot apple cider and cozy decorations to fill the house.

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Creative Satisfaction.

I’ve been wanting to get back into blogging for quite awhile now but just hadn’t have had the motivation to do so or the words to even put down. When coming up with the name for this blog, I picked these two simple words. Creative and Satisfaction. Why? Because I love being creative. I love […]

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