In Our Family

This will probably be my favorite project that we have worked on. Super special to both of us, as we establish a culture in our home. Before we got married we always talked about the culture we wanted to create in our family and when people would come to our home. Our foundation lays on Christ but we wanted to branch off of that more.

What are characteristics we want to reflect in our life to those around us? After a lot of prayer and going to the Word, we wrote down what we believe God wants us to create in our family. Now I say family, rather then home, because we want these characteristics to go with us wherever we go. Not just something that is lived out between 4 walls but a lifestyle. The characteristics we have chosen are mainly taken from 1 Corinthians 13, because ultimately we love because Christ first loved us.

The wood is not perfect, my letters I painted are not as even as I had wanted but that ok. We are far, far from perfect and often times lose patience, don’t “feel like” forgiving, are prideful and the list just goes on. But what do we have to go back to? I look at this on our wall in the living room every day and it’s a constant reminder to keep my attitude in check. To keep my eyes focused on the One who will give me strength to do all these things. I can’t do it on my own though, literally impossible. What is the culture you want to build in your family? Thank you God for loving us unconditionally and giving us grace each day!


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