Being Intentional.

Being intentional about prayer. A couple of weeks ago, I was challenged. My husband and I have been going through a series by Francis Chan and his wife, You and Me Forever. This series has not only challenged our marriage but it has challenged me personally in so many ways. Lisa Chan expressed how prayer for her was always a struggle and something she really just didn’t want to do. I related completely. She went on to say how one day, her friend was over and how they decided to pray together. Pray for each other, their husbands, marriages, families and whatever else was going on in the season they were in.

After hearing that, for the second time actually, it grew heavy on my heart. Was I really afraid to commit to praying consistently each day? What did I have to lose? Absolutely nothing. I should want to share my heart with my Father, thank Him and give Him my time. I sent a long text to a dear friend, asking if she would join me on this journey of prayer. She accepted. So each day after our husbands go off to work, before the to do lists begin, we call each other. We share whats been on our hearts just over the past 24 hrs and what we should pray for. We pray for our husbands, that God would continue to grow them into strong leaders and strong men of God. We pray for our marriages, that God would protect us from the attacks of the enemy and that we would be the light to those around us. We pray for our families, her little one and our future children that they would come to know the Lord at a young age and that they would be used in a mighty way. We pray for each other, that God would continue to work on our hearts and continue to mold us into the wives He’s called us to be. We thank Him. We thank Him for the blessings He has poured out on us and the work He is doing in our lives.

Our quick, “lets call each other and pray for 10 minutes,” has turned into over an hour long conversation and prayer time. I have never felt so refreshed. My mind and heart is focused in the right place throughout the rest of my day. Not only have these times strengthened my walk with God but also with my best friend. Such a blessing to me. Are there days I don’t want to set aside this time? Of course, but if I am not intentional about my prayer times everything else in my life is so meaningless. I want to look back at the end of my life and not regret what I did with my time. When we strive for an eternity mindset all else in this world doesn’t matter.

I challenge you, if you do not have a time set aside to pray, I challenge you to do so. Call a friend up and do it together. Having someone who can keep me accountable has almost made this harder for me. I can’t just accidentally forget about it, be too busy or put it off. I am being intentional about prayer. I’m not waiting until the new year to start either, I’ve started now.

“For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” ~Matthew 18:20





Cookies, a random, simple title. Growing up one thing, my brothers and I would do was make cookies for just about every holiday. We’d get dropped off at my Grandparents house for the day and just make cut out cookies. Now these aren’t just any sugar cookie cut outs, these are something special. I have yet to find a recipe out there quite like the ones my grandma makes. Even though she always says, “I just found it in a newspaper,” it still makes them grandma’s cookies. I actually just found the cookie cutters at my parents house that we always use, a whole garbage bag. A garbage bag, filled to the top with cut outs for every holiday.

I always looked forward to these times. Special memories were made. My grandma would always say, “don’t eat the cookie dough (though I’d always steal some when she was not looking) or do not roll the dough too thin!!” I do not really remember when there was a season when we didn’t make cookies together. I remember one year for Christmas we decided we would triple the recipe. Triple. Unless you want to spend your whole entire day pulling cookies in and out of the oven, I do not recommend ever doing this!! We spent hours upon hours. Then you realize you have to frost the endless amount of cookies. We made hundreds of cookies that day and had no idea what to do with them all. So we loaded up plates and my brothers went door to door on our street dropping off. We decided to never do that again! 😉

This year was the first year, I made these cookies in my own home. Fall cut outs, leaves and acorns. I called my grandma and asked her for the recipe that I should have memorized by now. This year my husband helped me make them but nothing does compare to the many memories made in the past making these with my grandma and my brothers. New seasons and new memories to be made, but those will always be dear to my heart. She always says, “We never had many traditions that we did together” and I always say that making cookies together was the best and I’d rather have just that one then a bunch. I’m thankful that God has given me such an amazing family. I’m thankful for these times and the memories created.

Cherishing the memories of the past and looking forward to the new memories ahead.