A Process.

A process to make healthy eating a lifestyle. Over the past few months, my husband and I have taken on the challenge to eat better and work out. We did really well for about two months, but totally failed the working out part. Then the holidays came and of course the Christmas cookies are just too tempting. I think I made close to 300 cookies over the span of December, now I’m so done with cookies.

Once we started slacking on our eating, we felt lousy and just bleh. Determined to get back on track the beginning of the month, we decided to cut out all processed foods. Getting simple recipes from “100 Days of Real Food,” and joined her 6 week challenge of cutting out processed foods. Basically not buying any food that has more then 5 ingredients on the ingredient label. Anything that you can’t pronounce counts as processed.  Going on week number 2, we can notice a huge difference. More energy, feeling stronger and the list goes on.

This is not some diet plan we are following but a lifestyle change. A change to take care of the body that God has given us with our short time here on earth. And eating healthy is fun and honestly so much better. I have always loved taking care of my body. I was a competitive gymnast for 10 years, I had to love working out. Because of those years of pushing myself hard and self-discipline, it sticks with me today. Sure I will never have my super fit gymnast body again but I can still be in really good shape and it all starts with feeding my body the proper food.

Yesterday was a baking day to get some things stocked up in the freezer. I made my own bread with only 4 ingredients. Whole wheat flour, yeast, honey and water. The best bread ever and so simple!


Not totally sure what happened to my second loaf but it still tasted great!


Also made some simple whole wheat banana oatmeal muffins which I bagged up and froze for a quick snack on the go! img_2692_edited

Last night I made up some overnight oats. I’ve heard of making these for so long but for some reason never tried it. Such a quick easy breakfast and it tasted amazing! Topped it off with some fresh strawberries!


Lunch today, one of my favorites for a quick lunch to put together. Half an avocado, with some chick peas, a little bit of tomato (because I just don’t like them), onion and some lemon juice on a piece of toast. So much flavor packed into each bite. Yummy.


This is a journey and of course we are gonna cave and buy Chinese food once and a while because that food is so terribly amazing. In the end, I know exactly what we are putting into our bodies and feel great! God created food so we can enjoy it, but in proportions and the correct ingredients. What are you doing to eat healthy and stay fit this New Year?


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